Tannhauser press is compiling a new anthology: THE WITNESS PARADOX


Here is a set of common items all the submissions must include:

  • The stories are all about Time Travel.
  • Most eras are not good, but interesting, to visit because of things like the black plague, lousy food, language issues and getting murdered or burned at the stake as a heretic or witch.
  • Stories should be character driven.
  • They can be about a variety of things: Discovering a portal, inventing a time machine, getting stranded, rescues, watching historic events like 911, they can be funny, fantasy, steampunk, romantic, action adventure, anything.
  • No partisan politics, please.
  • Physics tells us that time is an illusion. It’s not a constant.
  • Time travelers might have quietly influenced many things in history. Got us from the Wright Brothers to the moon in only 60 years. 
  • Stories should be 5,000 to 20,000 words.
  • Authors will be paid between $25 and $100 per story if accepted, with signed agreement.
  • Please do not use any crazy formatting, no headers or footers, simple text only.
  • All submissions are to be delivered in MSWord, RTF or simple text format. Basic Italics and Bold are the only additional formatting used. We will use Garamond 12 fonts.
  • Scene changes will be separated by “ *** ”.
  • The WITNESS PARADOX will be Rated R.
  • Deadline is September 1st, 2018.
  • Please include the following with your submission:
    • True Name
    • Author name
    • Email address
    • Mailing address


Please direct any questions and submissions to Martin Wilsey.






Call For Submissions


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